After a decade of working in the design community, Kaylee Whitworth came to the realization that organization is her true passion.

"It was a total no-brainer. Whenever I have a rough day, I come home and organize. When I started looking back, so many of my favorite childhood memories are of organizing and making lists. So I thought, why not take a skill that I've been honing for 20 years and turn it into a business?" And CLOSETED was born.

“I was interested in interior design because I loved the idea of curating an inviting environment for a family to come home to.  But after being in dozens of beautiful homes and seeing inside their messy private areas it felt like a sham.  How could an individual feel relaxed when their closet, home office or bathroom cupboards were in complete disarray?"  After a design mentor encouraged her and handed her a first client she began organizing on the side.  "Design is great, and most people need some type of design advice, but organizing is another piece of the puzzle.  You don't want a guest to come into your home and comment on how beautiful it is, then open the door to your pantry and think "This is how they really live?  What a mess!” 

It's not only a love of organization that makes Kaylee well suited for this line of work, it's a unique ability to be kind but firm, "I never force anyone to part with items they really love but I do ask them to describe the reasons they want to hold on and oftentimes they come to the realization on their own that their life may actually be better served by letting go of the things they don't really need.  It sounds like a simple thing to do but when it's your stuff it's hard, some people need a nudge and I'm grateful to be the one to do it."

So, after organizing residential and commercial spaces part-time for 5 years, Kaylee's friends and family encouraged her to make her true talent her full-time job

When asked if her design background gives her an edge she says "Definitely.  It's one thing to know how sort and put things away, it's another thing to do it with taste and understand how to make it work with the existing décor."